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   Two of your friends get in a violent argument at school. It looks as if they will come to blows, so, wishing to stop them, you step between them saying:

 You come from a large family with working parents, so all the children have to help out. One of your sisters, Susan, is lazy and watches TV instead of doing her share. Your brothers and sisters appoint you to tell your mother about her. Wanting results without being too harsh, you say:  

 You go to a pottery class in the evenings. You enjoy the pottery, but have no friends there, so you want a friend, who enjoys arts and crafts, to come as well. Implying her talent, you try to persuade her saying:  

Your grandmother has been mugged on her way to visit you. Though she was not actually injured, her handbag was stolen, and she was badly frightened by the two young men. To try to calm her down and get her mind off the incident, you say:

You have been corresponding with a boy from England for years. You enjoy one another's letters, but when he asked for a photo, lacking confidence in your own appearance, you sent him a photo of one of your best-looking friends. He has just written that he is coming to Turkey on holiday and wants to meet you. You don't want to miss the chance of meeting him, nor do you want to disappoint him at the airport. So you write back and reveal your secret saying:  

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