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 You have been feeling sick with an upset stomach, and having taken a day off from work, you think you should see a doctor. Phoning his receptionist to make an appointment, you say:  

You have a policy of never lending books to anyone because you have lost so many in the past. One of your best friends sees one of your favourite books and says she has always wanted to read it. Trying to be both firm and friendly, you refuse her request to borrow the book, saying:

At a job interview, you are questioned about your lack of work experience. Since you are young, you feel this is an unfair question. Not wishing to make a bad impression, however, you answer carefully trying to impress the interviewer:

 You're in a strange city and you're lost. You stop and ask a passer-by for directions to the museum you want to visit. The man kindly tells you how to get there, but you're still confused. You ask for clarification, saying politely:

 One of your colleagues at work takes you out to lunch and tells you a really nasty piece of gossip about your boss. You think it's most unlikely that it's true, and you don't think the story should be repeated, so you say:

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