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It's a lovely day and you and your sister have arranged to meet a group of friends at the park for a picnic. You arrive at the park at the agreed time, but no one else is there. After half an hour, none of your friends has arrived, and you suggest to your sister impatiently:

You attend private, one-to-one English classes once a week. Today is the day of the class, but unfortunately, you've had extra sports practice at school, so by the time you get to class, you are 10 minutes late. You say apologetically:

You're walking on the mountainside with a group of friends. It's a beautiful day, but it's starting to get very steep and you're hot and tired. Eventually, you say implying a short break:

You've persuaded your parents to buy a video recorder and have assured them that you'll be able to operate it. After two hours of sitting with the manual trying to get the machine to work, you say helplessly:

You're on a train going to visit a relative in another town. It's very hot, and there doesn't seem to be any air conditioning. There's only one other passenger in your compartment — an elderly man. You feel it would be more comfortable with the window open, so you ask politely:

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