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  You and your brothers stayed up quite late last night, playing games and having a good time. This morning, your mother complains that she found it difficult to get to sleep last night, as the neighbours were being so noisy. Realising that it probably wasn't the neighbours who were responsible for keeping your mother awake, you admit:

 You and a friend have planned a day in town together. Unfortunately, you're not ready to go when she arrives at your house, so it's only after about ten minutes that you both leave for the station to catch the train into town. As you step onto the platform, you see the train pulling out. Knowing that it will be half an hour before the next one arrives, you say guiltily:  

You go out to dinner at a friend's house. Sadly, it turns out to be one of those dreadful evenings when everything goes wrong — the food is awful and you don't get on with the other guests. You leave as early as possible, saying insincerely:

You have a new colleague whom you're helping to train. You set him a task, leaving him to complete it on his own. He finishes the work in half the time you expect it to take. You are impressed, so you praise him, saying:

 You are working for a large supermarket. It's Saturday, and the shop is very crowded. Suddenly, one of the customers approaches you. She is very upset because she has lost her five-year-old son. While a colleague goes off to look for the boy, you speak to the woman, saying reassuringly:

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