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One of your employees asks you for the afternoon off to go to the funeral of her best friend's mother. You are very busy at the office and cannot really spare her, but you can see how upset she is. Trying to find a solution to suit you both, you say:

You are directing a school play, and one of your best friends comes to audition. His attempts at acting are so bad that you cannot possibly accept him, but since he is a friend, you attempt to let him down gently by stretching the truth and say:  

You have borrowed your father's car, and while you were not paying attention, you hit a lamp-post breaking the left front headlight. It is nothing serious, but you are sure your father will be angry, so the next morning, you approach him cautiously saying:

 You have just come back from a holiday in the Caribbean, and while you had a good time, you feel that the tour was overpriced. When a friend asks you if he should book a holiday through the same travel agency, you reply:

  On your birthday, a friend gives you a book that you already own. She is not a particularly sensitive person, and so you feel confident enough to ask her for an exchange:  

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