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Most great singing stars become famous long before they get to 35, but that is how old Madge Sharp is now, and this is her first record. Surely, it will not be her last. Madge Sharp wishes she had started in the profession earlier. However, __________.It's maturity and experience. And it's this maturity and experience in her voice which adds a distinct originality to all the songs in her album.

__________.Not easy, is it? Yet 150 years ago, that's exactly what it was. Over a century and a half the people of Hong Kong have managed to transform that rock into a world financial center. With a government committed to free trade and free enterprise, and also because of its location in the heart of the Asia Pacific region, Hong Kong has thrived and is now the world's eleventh largest trading economy.

__________.The faltering economy they inherited was now under additional pressure from those newly unemployed, including the million-man army of the former regime. There were critical shortages of foreign exchange and gold, much of which had been stolen in the final days of the war. There were also at least two million new refugees, nearly 10 % of the population. Virtually, the country was in a state of total bankruptcy.

The purpose of "keeping fit" is to avoid ill health, resist the feeling of mental and physical tiredness and, above all to get more pleasure from being alive. __________.If everyone followed these recommendations, the number of people visiting the doctor and going to hospital would be reduced.

Kay  works as a clerk in the divisional offices of  a  big  general chemicals company. __________ and these orders are for loads of chemicals that are sent to countries in Africa, The Middle East and the Mediterranean. The orders come in by post or telex, by e-mail or phone, mainly from, agents.

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