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Bulimia, the Greek word for hunger, is also the name of an eating disorder that afflicts thousands. Victims, frequently young women, respond to stress or anxiety by excessive eating. __________.Having devoured a mountain of food, they then force themselves to vomit or swallow laxatives.

In most countries, manufacturers obviously spend a lot of money on advertising their goods. It is true that many people think too much money is spent on advertising. Nervertheless, __________.

Man’s mental skills have permitted him to develop his power of communication, his power of organization and, above all, his power of thought. However, if man uses these powers __________.

Soon, more people will be living in cities than in rural areas. The global urban population has grown from under 1 billion in the 1950s to over 3 billion in the year 2005. During this period, the number of cities with more than 1 million inhabitants has increased from 80 to over 3000. __________.The urban population in China, for example, more than doubled between 1975 and 1995 although more than two thirds of the population still lives in rural areas.

Are violent and aggressive personality types simply acting according to their genes? In Holland, a family with three generations of criminal men has been found. They were discovered to have an extremely rare gene which affected their brain chemistry in an undesired way, causing them to display violent behavior. It does seem to explain why men in this family were more likely to fall into a life of crime, but __________.

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