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__________.When night comes, they put their heads on the pillow and fall asleep in a matter of minutes, waking rested and refreshed in the morning. But others, numerous others, tell quite a different story. For some fifty million Americans, falling asleep without frustration or anxiety is impossible.

It was the worst ice-storm in living memory. What started in the clouds as rain became ice as it hit power lines, trees and roads. __________.Well over 100.000 people had to flee their freezing homes for those of luckier or better equipped neighbors.

Many environmentalists are not satisfied with the work of the Government Environmental Protection Agency (G.E.P.A.). They claim that there are people in the agency who once had close business contacts with industries that cause pollution. Therefore , __________.

The family is still the main unit in developed societies; yet, __________.When we study the average American household, we see that it is steadily getting smaller. One in five households now consists of one person living alone while large families (six or more people) make up only 5 per cent of American households.

The division of labour in factories makes mass production possible, but it has some disadvantages. For  one  thing,  few  people  know  or  understand  all  aspects  of  an  operation.  In addition, __________.Mass production may be more efficient, but to workers, there is much more satisfaction in doing a job from start to finish.

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