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Today, medicine is increasingly concerned with transplant surgery, in which an organ from one person is placed into the body of another because it can often extend the patient's lifespan and improve  his  quality  of life.  Thus,  there is  a large  demand  for  replacement  organs. __________.As a result, in some countries, children are being kidnapped and killed in order to provide an illegal source of organs. At the same time, to get desperately needed money, poor people in some Third World countries are selling spare organs, such as kidneys, from their own bodies.

Farming is an unpopular way of life in developing countries. In fact, despite the introduction of mechanized farming methods, most young people __________.

The first thing nutritional consultants advise their clients is to eliminate all white flour and sugar from their diets. There is no nutritional value in those products. __________ .Whole grain bread doesn't stick to your colon like white bread does and brown sugar is less likely to cause diabetes.

For centuries, scientists and philosophers have speculated on the structure of the universe and the existence of galaxies outside our own. But until the twentieth century, they were able to do no more than speculate. __________ .Using giant telescopes, ultraviolet and infrared instruments, and high-speed computers, they are studying the information of galaxies for further insights into the nature of the cosmos.

In the 1900s cancer was nearly always fatal; by the1930s one out of five cancer patients was saved: by1975, treatment was successful in one out of every three cancer patients. __________.

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