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The British Isles, which consist---- two main islands — Great Britain and Ireland, lie ---- the northwestern coast of continental Europe.

Despite all the advances in scientific agriculture ---- the 20th century, increased agricultural production has not kept pace  ---- population growth in many parts of the world.

Though the educational system is theoretically standardised ---- the country, in fact, the level of education you receive still depends ---- where you live.

Although treated like a film star by some in his former home of East London, Reggie Kray should ---- be admired as a hero ---- receive any praise as he was one of the most feared criminals Britain has ever known.

The complex in the Forbidden City, Beijing, has an outer palace, ---- emperors held official audiences, and an inner palace, ---- served as living quarters for the imperial family.

Prehistoric people were ---- doubt aware of the great usefulness of certain plants ---- food and medicine.  

In spite of being such a technologically advanced nation, Japan has ---- internet users ---- most other developed countries because the language is not well-suited to computer use.

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