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Lorenzo Piper Davis was the first African American to play for the 'Boston Red Sox', but he was dropped from the team because of racial ----; however, he still became a star playing for the Birmingham Black Barons.  

The ---- interview in the magazine really give readers an understanding of post communist reforms and their effects on the changing face of Europe.

Recent research has suggested that mobile phones are ---- dangerous, especially for children since scientists believe that prolonged usage of a mobile phone may damage a child's brain.  

Farmer Butterworth was banned from keeping animals by the courts because the Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals proved he had---- his farm animals and allowed them to suffer unnecessarily.  

There is a new book ---- next month that will tell all the embarrassing secrets of the Royal Family.  

Computer technology, which ---- at a rapid rate, ---- jobs for many young university graduates.  

The first evidence that there are genetic factors in smoking ---- in the 1950s from studies which  ---- that identical twins tended to be more similar in their choice to smoke or not than did fraternal twins.

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