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Historically, people and cats have lived together for mutual benefit — cats have kept the rat and mouse population ---- and people have provided them ---- a safe, comfortable place to live.  

One of the great advances ---- astronomy ---- the past decade has been the discovery of planets outside our solar system.

The Houston Caribbean Festival brings a feast  ---- music and colour ---- the streets of downtown Houston each year

To pay the salaries of government employees, Mr. Fayyaad has been relying on tax revenues which the Israelis collect on the Palestinian Authority's behalf, ---- these backdated payments will soon dry up.

In developing countries, ---- nutritional concerns override the risk of HIV transmission, breastfeeding may still be desirable.

There are many children all over the world who are ---- adoption because their parents are unable or unavailable to provide adequately for the needs of their child.  

The fundamental problem for North Africa is  that  the region has ---- people      ---- the arid environment can support.

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