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Most people eat bread in some form       ---- almost every meal because bread is an excellent source of energy and can be bought or made ---- relatively low cost.

The sailors had been ---- sea for three months and were completely fed up ---- doing the same things and seeing the same people day after day.  

The 1970s marked an era ---- mutual suspicion ---- the world's two superpowers.

The Egyptian authorities agreed to restrict the  Palestinian pilgrims' re-entry after a meeting with Israeli Defence Minister Ehud Barak, ---- Israeli officials quoted by the Associated Press news agency.

---- demand grows for graduate business degrees, schools are offering their students more options regarding the length and content of their programmes.  

It was foolish of me to turn down such an offer; in fact ---- I think about it, ---- I regret it.

Foreign competition has meant that there is less demand for domestic cars, and so our auto workers are now ---- of losing their jobs.

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