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The temperature in the foundry has to remain ---- because if the heat goes up or down even slightly, then the whole process has to be aborted.

Now that John was retiring he felt that he could be ---- about all the things he thought were wrong at the factory, whereas before he had not been so outspoken.

The surgeon didn't seem nervous when he performed a delicate operation last week. He ---- chatted with friends just moments before beginning.

It took the explorers a lot of courage to ---- into the jungle as many others before them had gone in and never come out.

Levi Strauss sold the first pairs of jeans to gold diggers who had complained that their ordinary trousers ---- too quickly.

Arizona is sometimes thought of ---- a desert, but irrigation has changed much of the desert waste ---- rich farmland.

Many ships and planes have vanished ---- trace ---- the area known as the Bermuda Triangle.

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