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Anemia is caused by a/an ---- of iron in the blood and can sometimes be cured by taking tablets, thus ensuring that enough of the mineral is consumed by the patient.

A mass of correspondence was exchanged between the two companies, but the finance manager of the supplier was ---- and would not reduce or cancel any of the charges.

Alaska is so ---- populated that there is still about 2.6 square kilometres of land per person

When the President and his wife ---- from their official jet, they were met by the Ambassador and his wife.

The police officer's effort to ---- his mistake was discovered by a reporter and turned into a national scandal.

---- years ago by Ethiopian bandits, some of the veterans are still afraid---- into the Ethiopian highlands again by themselves

While most artists want to have their work ---- the Dadaists of the early 20th century actually encouraged audiences ----. them with rotten vegetables.  

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