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Guy Fawkes was executed as a/an   ---- in 1606 for trying to blow up the King and parliament.

Idi Amin, who declared himself President of Uganda for life, was a ---- ruler, who treated his people brutally and some 300.000 citizens are believed to have been killed during his rule.

When Joe saw the thief take Mrs Smith's handbag, he chased and caught him ----, but if he had stopped and thought about it logically, he probably wouldn't have taken the risk.

The chemical company dishonestly tried to ---- the report about how the chemical they produce is polluting the environment.  

Many people fall and break their legs or arms, and sometimes both, while they are trying to ---- how well they could ski.  

He ---- his paper by saying that the entire history of human race ---- by transfers of cultural and technological advance from one civilisation to another.  

The Romanian Privatisation Authority announced last week that Renault of France ---- to be the sole bidder for a majority stake in the national car company, Dacia, which ---- cheap cars for the domestic market.

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