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Underdeveloped countries are those in which economic structure and development are held back. The causes of the condition of underdevelopment are complex, but two opposing sets of theories dominate discussion. __________.On the other hand, there are the theories that ascribe underdevelopment directly to the distortions of economic structure and the exploitation involved in the relations between the developed and the underdeveloped countries.

Some of the most popular television commercials are those employing humour. But as an advertising technique, employing humour has disadvantages. Studies have shown that __________.Thus, humorous commercials can be funny or enjoyable but they don't increase product sales.

Entering a different culture with new values, new expectations and different communication styles can certainly cause confusion. In fact, __________.

The purpose of a novel varies with its type. Anthony Trollepe's statement has a fundamental validity: "the object of a novel should be to instruct in morals while it amuses." At one extreme, some novels are expressly meant to teach, such as some children's novels and social novels. __________. However, one can say that the aim of most novels is to reveal and stimulate thought and aspect of human behavior both individually and in personal and social relationship.

People like to think that life was better in the past. The air was cleaner, people were friendlier, life was safer and, certainly, it was cheaper. __________ ? Probably not. Many of today's problems existed in the past, and there were even worse problems than the ones we face today.

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