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The Japanese have a strong aesthetic sense; they beautify, adorn and decorate everything they touch. __________.It is cut into an artistic shape and given a color scheme with carefully placed pieces of tomato and herbs.

One of the reasons students panic during final exams is that they suddenly become aware that they have not really learned anything all semester. These students spend the semester going to classes and taking notes without spending time to review their notes and understand the material.  __________.When the final exam period approaches, they suddenly realise that they have to study pages of notes they haven't seen before.

__________.But most psychotherapists would say that such depression stems from buried grief or pain. For example someone who has been unhappy as a child may become depressed as an adult.

To some fans, football without Diego Maradona is like a bullfight without the bull - a less than full-blooded sport __________.      

A lack of exercise is one of the major factors causing obesity. When we eat, we consume energy. When we exercise, we expend energy or burn up calories. For example, __________.When the number of calories exceeds the number we burn up, the excess energy is stored in the body in the form of fat.

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Perfect Blog geri dön
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