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Drugs can be divided into three main groups: those that a person can buy without a prescription, those that a person needs a doctor's prescription for, and those that are illegal. __________.Caffeine is found in coffee, tea, chocolate, and cola drinks. It is a mental stimulant; it stimulates the central nervous system and makes people feel alert. Alcohol, on the other hand, is a depressant; it depresses the central nervous system.

__________.Already, hundreds of major corporations in every industrialized nation are lining up to seize their share of the biotech market. Typical among them is Genentech, which began its existence in October 1980 by offering more than a million shares of stock. The value of the stock rose so high in a single day of trading that the company's assets increased by $36 million. The company, worth over half a billion dollars, had not yet marketed even one product.

The number of people who go to the cinema has decreased since the great days of Hollywood in the  1930s and J 940s. The most probable cause is the growing popularity of television. __________.Perhaps the rebirth of this interest is because the cinema today is truly international, and films, which reflect different cultures and interests, are made and distributed all over the world.

Climates can change greatly. An area can receive much more rain in some years than it does in others. A region with winters that are normally mild may have freezing temperatures during an entire winter season. Despite these changes , __________.

Today most of France's 600.000 Jews are well established and assimilated, though some pockets of anti-Semitism still remain. Research earlier this decade found one in four Frenchmen complaining that there were too many Jewsin France, while one in five admitted to feelings of antipathy towards them__________.

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