İngilizce Kelime Testi 2 |

İngilizce Kelime Testi 2

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İngilizce Kelime Testi 2

1.The_____obtained in many fields of biological science has been collected with meticulous care.
A) reference
B) incentive
C) heredity
D) evidence
E) incongruity

2. These new resources of power will enable us to make cheap power available on a vast
A) rare
B) degree
C) level
D) number
E) scale

3. The _____ interview in the magazine really give readers an understanding of post communist reforms and their effects on the changing face of Europe.
A) exclusive
B) live
C) repressive
D) obsessive
E) retentive

4. Amongst car manufacturers, our firm was the first and has remained the most_____ to providing ecologically responsible automobiles.
A) intrigued
B) reversed
C) committed
D) embarrassed
E) respected

5. _____before the annual general meeting of the shareholders he realized that a takeover was about to happen.
A) Closely
B) Lately
C) Soon
D) Shortly
E) Recently

6. The government is persuaded that sea-lunched missiles would _____greatly to world stability.
A) refer
B) contribute
C) engage
D) imply
E) manage

7. If drastic measures are not taken by powerful international bodies, it is feared that the world will soon _____its energy resources.
A) run out of
B) keep in line with
C) look through
D) be drawn forward
E) fall out with

8. I wasn’t terribly impressed by his performance at the interview since everything he said seemed_____.
A) taken by surprise
B) learned by rote
C) set out
D) smuggled in
E) fallen through

9. She has studied so hard for the exam that she’s _____to pass it.
A) liable
B) possible
C) bound
D) apt
E) probable

10. She is completely_____. She does nothing she promises to.
A) unenthusiastic
B) unreliable
C) disobedient
D) obedient
E) illogical

11. He had always had a good opinion of himself, but after the publication of his best-selling book he became intolerably _____.
A) bigoted
B) proud
C) conceited
D) exaggerated
E) cocksure
12. His authority and _____make him an outstanding leader.
A) self-consciousness
B) self-confidence
C) self-centeredness
D) self-regard
E) unselfishness

13. He is considered to be an excellent artist but I consider his work to be quite_____.
A) mediocre
B) medium
C) moderate
D) intermediate
E) common

14. Poisons must be kept in a place that is _____to children.
A) unavailable
B) insurmountable
C) inaccessible
D) impracticable
E) inapplicable

15. The position of monarch is not something that is chosen by the citizens. It is_____.
A) inherit
B) generated
C) hereditary
D) descended
E) passed over

16. A hundred years ago the chestnut _____a quarter of the hardwood trees in Asia.
A) turned down
B) got through
C) made up
D) made out
E) put down

17. Evidence of racial bias in sentencing helped to persuade certain States in America to ______capital punishment in the late 1970s and early 1980s.
A) keep down
B) rule against
C) put out
D) point out
E) break through

18. Natural disasters have been defined as ecological disruptions beyond the adjustment capacity of a community and ____outside assistance.
A) stepping up
B) putting up with
C) look after
D) calling for
E) dealing with

19. It is hard for a lion, especially an inexperienced one, to _____how to attack an animal that is facing it.
A) figure out
B) keep away
C) rule out
D) fall back
E) run over

20. The river Danube rises in Germany and _____through central Europe and into the Black Sea.
A) cruises
B) spreads
C) flows
D) conducts
E) swathes

21. Anti-lock brakes (ABS) help you to maintain steering control of your car even as braking on _____roads.
A) lonesome
B) fast
C) reckless
D) slippery
E) stagnant

22. _____populated, rural North shield is one of the most unspoiled counties in England.
A) Sparsely
B) Nearly
C) Primarily
D) Suitably
E) Efficiently

23. Today a very wide spectrum of biological scientists are required both to improve the biotechnology of the next millennium and to ensure the ____of life on our planet.
A) explanation
B) process
C) exhaustion
D) duration
E) conservation

24. She’s the oldest person in the town, 97 years old to be accurate, and has a _____word of advice for everyone.
A) fanciful
B) faithful
C) credible
D) futile
E) kindly

25. Our challenge is to _____our customers with the best possible guidance and support, enabling them to take the right decision at both strategic and operational level.
A) expand
B) consult
C) improve
D) provide
E) respect

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