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  You're eating out at a restaurant on holiday. One of the waiters persuades you to try a local dish. He proudly waits by the table as you taste it and you politely tell him that it's very good. However, as soon as the waiter leaves your table, you turn to your friend and say with disgust:

   Your stereo system is no longer working. It's still under guarantee, so you take it back to the shop where you bought it. You explain the situation to the manager. However, he is unhelpful, and keeps saying that you must have dropped the system and that it's not the shop's responsibility. Losing patience eventually, you threaten him saying:

 You are visiting a friend. You know it's time to leave in order to catch your bus home, but you let your friend persuade you to have another cup of coffee. You eventually reach the bus stop just in time to see the bus leave without you. Faced with a half-hour wait for the next one, you say to yourself regretfully:  

You're outside the supermarket when you bump into your elderly next door neighbour. She has a lot of shopping bags and has obviously been doing the weekly shop. You weren't planning to go home, but it's not far, so you say considerately:  

You have a problem with your hot water system. The gas company tells you that they will send a repairman to your house before twelve o'clock, so you stay at home to wait for him. It's two o'clock in the afternoon, and he still hasn't arrived, so you call the company again and complain, saying:

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