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Some of our fears are triggered in childhood, whose unpleasant and frightening memories are never forgotten. Instead, they are repressed or pushed out of consciousness until something forces them to emerge again. That is, repression works like censorship. __________.Yet, unlike censorship, it cannot permanently eliminate what is unpleasant or frightening. 

The atmosphere of Mars has been of interest to scientists because they have thought that some kind of life might exist there. Careful examination with special instruments has shown that Marshas an atmosphere containing a small amount of oxygen and some water vapour. However, __________.

Research shows that children cannot understand stories without visual illustrations because they cannot form pictures in their minds. Yet, __________.

Italy is the great country of fountains, and the fountains of Rome are world famous. __________ .It was built in the time of Pope Clement XII about the middle of the eighteenth century. The fountain and the palace behind it are a good example of the baroque style of architecture, which gives a feeling of magnificence, movement and excitement.

__________.Today more and more people have the chance to get medical services from doctors and nurses in hospitals and clinics. As a result, fewer people get serious and dangerous diseases such as cholera, typhoid and yellow fever. This decrease in fatal diseases leads to longer lives.

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