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__________.X-rays can tell a cultured pearl from a natural one because they can detect the structure of mother of pearl in the inside. Cultured pearls are usually less expensive than natural ones though actually they, too, are "real" pearls.

Teaching children to swim at an early age is not only something that the kids will enjoy but also something vital to their general safety. There are so many backyard swimming ponds and rivers in urban areas that the chances a child may accidentally fall into a body of water are high. __________.

The Pitcairn Islanders in the Pacific were originally the mutineers of the ship Bounty. They took possession of the island of Pitcairn in 1790, and it was not until 1814 that their whereabouts were ascertained, accidentally, by a passing ship. __________.In the course of years they increased so much in numbers that they were too many for the island to support. Finally, in 1856 they were removed by the British Government to the much larger Norfolk Island.

Acupuncturists treat all kinds of conditions ranging from headaches to strokes. __________.In Britain, this very rarely happens, but some health insurance schemes do cover it.

Preimplantation genetic diagnosis is a viable option for couples with a family history of heritable genetic disorders. The process allows couples to avoid the burdens that come with raising a child with a serious genetic disease. Children born with Tay- Sach's disease, for example, rarely live past the age of five, so the family is subjected to witnessing the extremely slow and painful death of a child. __________.The average lifetime cost of caring for a child with cystic fibrosis, for example, is estimated to be much more than one million dollars.

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