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Some people enjoy listening to classical music while others are interested in going to rock concerts. It may be great pleasure for you to play endless hours of chess, but for others it could be complete frustration. Fortunately, __________.So whatever your particular taste is, you can certainly find a physical or mental activity to get involved in and enjoy.

Lack of money is only one of the problems faced by developing countries. There are several others as well. For instance, these countries do not have enough trained and experienced personnel to start businesses; politically they are not very stable, and__________.

Since the 1980s, tourists have become more concerned about the surroundings in the places that they visit. In the past, tourism often had negative results. __________.Today, however, there are many responsible tourists who not only travel to enjoy the land, but also to help preserve the environment.

In October of 1957, the Russians burst into the space age with the launching of a satellite that became world famous  as Sputnik.  Awed  by the  Russianbreakthrough, America made intense efforts to improve satellite technology. Since that time, the United States has rivaled the Russians, launching its own share of satellites. __________.With the technological advances, scientists expect, satellites will be used even more in the future.

__________.Size alone has clearly nothing to do with the distinction, there are some huge colleges and some small universities. Is the difference to be found in breadth or scope of instructional offerings? Not according to the late Hastings Ranowall, whose three-volume Universities of Europe in the Middle Ages is a classic in the field.

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