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You are visiting the zoo and are watching the lions. Suddenly, you see a small boy put his hands through the bars of the cage. Alarmed for his safety, you say:

You have been invited to a 'pot luck' dinner at an American friend's home. Unfortunately, you didn't realise that the idea behind a 'pot luck' dinner is that each guest brings a dish of food. When you arrive, and find out that you are the only guest who hasn't brought any food, you are embarrassed, and say to your friend apologetically:  

You are waiting to pay in a shop when you hear a woman ask one of the shop assistants where Smith Street is. The shop assistant says she doesn't know. You know where it is, so you say helpfully:  

It's your birthday. A friend gives you a book by an author you really admire. As you open the present and see what it is, you thank her, saying:

You're at a London railway station, where you've bought a ticket to Edinburgh. You know the train is leaving soon, but you don't know here to go. You stop a ticket inspector and ask politely:  

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