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You are busy shopping on a Saturday morning. A woman stops you and asks if she can ask you a few questions because she's doing a survey. You don't have the time, so you say politely:  

It's summer, and you're at the beach with a friend. It's very hot, and you notice that she's getting quite burnt. To warn her, you say:

You and a friend hike up a steep hill in the countryside. It's very tiring, but when you get to the top and see the spectacular view, you are absolutely thrilled. You turn to your friend and exclaim:

You want to buy a new tablecloth for your round dining room table. In the shop, the assistant shows you several tablecloths, including a beautiful cloth for a square table. You love the design on that tablecloth, but, of course, it won't fit your table, so you say to the assistant:

At a job interview, the interviewer tells you that he feels you are a little young for the job. Determined to convince him that you are right for the job, you explain:  

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