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Clive: Can you remember a good restaurant? My usual place is fully booked. Graham: ---- Clive: That’s not too important. It is a business lunch. I want somewhere we can talk.

Interviewer: Did you get the overwhelming support of the women in your constituency? Newly-Elected Woman Representative: ---- Interviewer: How do you account for that? Newly-Elected Woman Representative: I suppose the issues I talked about were not of primary concern to them.

Brian: Have the police asked for your version of the story yet? Peter: No, not yet. But they did say I should try to avoid discussing the matter. Brian: ---- Peter: Did they really? It all seems extremely serious.  

John: Clare seemed very animated! What was she talking to you about? Brenda: Oh. Her new job. And the people she is working with. John: ---- Brenda: She may do. Let’s hope so.

Mr. Robinson: W hat’s happened to the phone? I’ve been trying to get you all afternoon. Mrs. Robinson: It is out of order. Mr. Robinson: ---- Mrs. Robinson: I think all the lines in our neighbourhood are being changed.  

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