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Andrew: How was your holiday inBudapest? Did you find it expensive? Rogar: ---- Andrew: Really? I didn’t realize you’d even been there before. Rogar: Oh yes. I was stationed there for nearly five years. I only left in 1993.

Edward: I hear Jane has had another novel published. Have you read any of the reviews? Barry: No. And frankly I’m not very interested in her any longer. Edward: ---- Barry: That was true five or six years ago, but not any longer.

Mary: You’re remarkably patient with Pam! Don’t you know she just loves a sympathetic listener? Sally: ---- Marry: I didn’t realise that. In what way? Sally: In lots of ways. She’s got family problems, money problems and health problems.

Interviewer: To start with, Miss Gibbs, would you like to tell me why you are applying for this post? Miss Gibbs: W ell, I’ve been in m y present post now for three years and I feel it is time to make a change. Interviewer: ---- Miss Gibbs: No, I’m not. But in the case of a first job it usually is.

Peter: One mustn’t forget that the West has contributed much to the development of theThird World. Mark: ---- Peter: I suppose you are referring to the fact that the W est is benefiting from an ever-expanding market for its goods. Mark: Yes, I certainly am.

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