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Amy: I got the results of the laboratory tests today. Brenda: I am sure they were good. Amy: ---- Brenda: You don’t have to. I can see it in your face!

Jennifer: Can you give me some advice on choosing a programme for my Master’s degree? Sylvia: ---- Jennifer: W hat do you mean by that? Money? Sylvia: W ell, that too. But more important will be time, energy and effort.  

Rupert: Have you been following developments inPoland recently? David: ---- Rupert: I want to send someone to the conference there on new political developments. Would you be interested? David: I most certainly would.

Reader: I enjoyed reading your recent book on the Central Asian republics. Author: I am glad to hear that. W hat is it that makes the book so enjoyable for you? Reader: ---- Author: That is exactly right. I travelled extensively in these republics and observed them carefully.

Tony: We are organizing a seminar next month for company executives. Arthur: Good for you. W hat is it about? Tony: "Complexity in Business." We see businesses as complex systems, and recent research offers powerful new approaches to make them more robust and competitive. Arthur: ----

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