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John: Have you had a chance to take a look at m y article? Colleague: Yes, I have. On the whole, it is fine work, but ... John: ---- Colleague: W ell, there are one or two discrepancies which need to be removed.

Child: W hat is that little animal? Father: That little tiny lizard? Child: You call it a lizard? Does it bite? Is it poisonous? Father: ----

Receptionist: Hi, Mr. Sullivan. Good to see you again. Customer: Are you talking to me? Receptionist: Of course, Mr. Sullivan. I'd recognize you anywhere. You haven't changed a bit! Customer: ----

Professor: Gauguin was born in1848 inParis, and he was a self-taught artist. Student: Sorry to interrupt you. What do you mean by "he was a self-taught artist"? Professor: I mean he didn't attend an art school for professional training: he began as an amateur painter and developed his own style through practice. Student: ----

Mable: Tell us about your holiday. You went to theGalapagos Islands, didn't you? Ursula: ---- Mable: W hat do you mean by that? Ursula: W ell, all the wild creatures, the sea lions for instance, were quite without fear and played around our feet.  

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Perfect Blog geri dön
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