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Michael: How can a small television company compete against these commercial giants? Rupert: ---- Michael: Go on. Rupert: To start with, it should concentrate on quality, not quantity.

Andrew: W ell, Miss Claremont is clearly the best qualified of all the applicants. Molly: Yes. I know she is. Andrew: W ell? W hat’s worrying you then? Molly: ----

Mary: Apart from the news and wildlife programmes, what else do you watch on TV? Philip: ---- Mary: I do agree, but occasionally there are some good discussions and some good plays. Philip: Perhaps. But most of the ones I have watched have been very boring.  

Jenny: What are you reading? It's made you annoyed! Norman: ---- Jenny: And presumably nothing is being done about it. Norman: Nothing at all. But two superfluous sports centres are being constructed there.  

Interviewer: Tell me, what was it about our advertisement that appealed to you? Mr Bingley: ---- Interviewer: Why is that? Mr Bingley: Because I have a lot of experience behind me and feel I still have a lot to offer; but I don't want full time employment any more.

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