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Adrian: Are you going to that cocktail party this evening? Jennifer: Yes I am. It will be held in the garden, you know. Adrian: ---- Jennifer: How true! I hadn't thought of that.  

James: Do you think Miss Shange is really going to resign? Peter: ---- James: Why do you say that? Peter: It's time someone taught the boss a lesson.  

Alan: When should we break the news to him? Petricia: ---- Alan: I quite agree, so shall we say this evening? Petricia: Agreed.

Mr Fuller: Well, how did the shopping expedition go? Mrs Fuller: Well, we bought some lovely things; but ... Mr Fuller: ---- Mrs Fuller: Yes I'm afraid that's the case.

Jill: We're collecting money for the cleaning lady. Molly: Really? Why? Jill: ---- Molly: Oh, how lovely! Yes, of course, we must get a present for him.

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Perfect Blog geri dön
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