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Anne: I though Helen and Mary were good friends. David: ---- Anne: What happened then? David: I don't know. But they are hardly on speaking terms now.

Andrew: Have you read government's new report concerning health and safety legislation? James: Not yet. But I do intend to. Andrew: ---- James: I'll let you know. It has certainly aroused a lot of interest.

Amy: They say that Monet spent two weeks inMadrid studying the paintings in the Prado and ate almost nothing the whole while. Jane: Do you think that is true? Amy: ---- Jane: Maybe it is true. But one shouldn't believe all one hears and reads.  

Gregory: Have you read much Thurber? Robert: I can't say that I have. But I seem to remember that he often illustrates his writings with drawings. Gregory: ---- Robert: Yes. I remember now. There is apparently no detail, but they give a wonderful sense of movement.

Garth: W hat do you think of Caner's appointment? Perry: I'm not sure. He can be very unscrupulous, you know. Garth: ---- Perry: That's also true. I really don't know whether I'm pleased or not.  

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