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Mary: Do you know anything aboutIthaca? Trevor: ---- Mary: But was it? Trevor: It could have been. Excavations support the supposition and so does the topography

Brian: What's on the agenda for the meeting? Mark: The first item is books, textbooks. Brian: ---- Mark: Don't you remember? At the end of last semester several staff members complained that the present ones were out-of-date.  

Mrs Fairbanks: How's your mother these days? Mrs Curry: Oh, reasonably well, I suppose, considering her age. Mrs Fairbanks: Has the arthritis cleared up then? Mrs Curry: ----  

Marlin : I've been reading about naval activities during World War I. Colin : ---- Marlin : Quite a lot! Did you know that British submarines sank nearly 1,000 ships in European waters alone? Colin : No I didn't. That's quite an impressive figure.

Mavis: How are you getting on with that book? Gertrude Stein is supposed to be difficult to read. Pat : Let's say her style is unusual and you do need to get used to it. Mavis : ---- Pat: Oh certainly. Her ideas are really very interesting and stimulating.

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Perfect Blog geri dön
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