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Software companies have equipped many games ---- a "panic button" so that the player can hit a single key when the boss approaches and cover the screen ---- rows of business-like figures.  

For centuries, the Chinese have considered themselves the only truly civilised nation and looked down ---- everyone else ---- barbarians.

The traditional idea that Asia was the cradle ---- primeval man has had to be modified ---- the light of the discovery of human fossils of great antiquity in Africa.

Thanks to the popularity of nature documentaries on television, most people know that many animals migrate from one place to another ---- the seasons change.

The cost of everything from metals and minerals to commodities ---- sugar ---- petrol, went up dramatically in the first half of 2006.

A river that is both beneficial and destructive, the Brahmaputra deposits large amounts of fertile alluvial soil while  ---- causing disastrous and frequent floods.

Middle Eastern politics is a complex subject, and though I tried to give a brief explanation to my guests, eventually I became ---- by my own explanation ---- I gave up.

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