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In almost all countries, life expectancy is higher for women than it is for men, and this ---- has been growing as overall life expectancy increases.

Mountain climbers don't have a/an ---- team with which they'll compete; instead, they are  pitted against both the  unpredictable forces of nature and their own limitations.

Bartok was influenced as much by the musical innovations of Debuasy and Starvinsky as by East European, ---- Hungarian, folk music.

Very  little  painting has  ---- from the classical age of Greece and Rome. Decorated vases  of the Greeks and  wall  paintings from Pompeii and  Herculanetrm are among the remains.

In complex animals we can identify ten major organ systems that together  ---- the organism.

The two sides in the dispute ---- to reach an agreement for a week, but it is beginning to look as if they ----.

Film music ---- significant in many ways, of course, but not as music, which is why the proposition that better composers ---- better film music is not necessarily true.

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