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The 1990s have been a general ---- in aid to poor countries, largely because of fiscal pressures in many rich countries.

She is the oldest person in the village, to be precise, 92 years old and has a ---- word of advice for everyone.

The current social security system is ---- popular, partly because its universal and partly because retirement benefits are related to contributions, so most people think the system is fair.

Space research is largely a branch of pure science, independent of any applications which ---- from it.

Before the meeting begins, it would be advisable to remind him that he is not on any account to ---- the subject of unemployment insurance.

Films of violence ---- on television until after 9.30 at night, the time when the majority of children ---- to bed.

Amy Johnson, the first woman pilot who ---- from England to Australia, ---- several times during her flight to fill her plane with petrol.

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