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The whole business of having meals at fixed ---- is nothing but a social convention and, in modern life, a matter of convenience.

Ever since the ---- remains of ancient states and cities were first discovered, the collapse of their civilizations has been a focus of debate and inquiry.

The Arawak Indians were the first to inhabit Grenada, but they were all ---- massacred  by the belligerent Carib Indians.

Our challenge is to ---- our clients with the best possible advice and support, enabling them to take the right direction at both strategic and operational levels.

Children  can ---- different roles, work through conflicts, and attempt various methods  of communication, all under the pretence of play.

Today with 'mail merge' computer software, the same letter can be addressed to 100 different people at the touch of a button, so a secretary today ---- in hours what it ---- days to do 50 years ago.

In the US, the percentage  of obese people ---- over the past two decades, and at present, 35% of the population ---- overweight.

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