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Psychological studies  show that Belgian and French workers  place greater importance  ---- personal  independence than do workers  ---- many other countries.

Ancient  Pompeii, destroyed  in A.D. 79 ---- an eruption  of Vesuvius,  lay buried ---- rock and ash until the 18th century.

There is evidence indicating that there was some prehistoric settlement ---- the Stone Age ---- the present city of Stuttgart in Germany.

During the second half of the 20th century, the fracture rates among high-risk European populations grew higher, ---- this increase was modest compared with that of the urbanized populations in Southern Asia.

Donating some of your wages to a charity will not only help unfortunate people, but it will also give you a sense of pleasure, ---- charity you support.

Every Turkish  citizen over the age of 25 is eligible  to be a deputy in Parliament  ---- he or she has completed  primary education and has not been convicted  of a serious  crime.

Today the United States, still by far ---- prosperous country in the world, is increasing its working hours ---- creating a more positive balance between work and leisure time.

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