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Deputy Manager: Don’t you think we can start to slow down on the retrenchment policy? Manager: Why do you say that? You know this is a policy we agreed to follow stringently. Deputy Manager: ---- Manager: Yes but this is a temporary success. Clearly we are soon going to face a severe recession.  

Dr. Hutchinson: For this operation did you use the new techniques you described in your last article? Surgeon: Yes I did; and I must confess I’m fully satisfied with the results. Dr. Hutchinson: So this looks like a new breakthrough in surgery. Congratulations. Surgeon: ----  

John: W hen is the deadline for bids for the new highway? Tom: I don’t know exactly, but it’s probably nearly two months off. John: ---- Tom: True. In that case I think we shouldn’t even consider making a bid at all.

Larry: W hat is your own reaction to the jury’s verdict on the case? Kathy: W ell the evidence presented against him at the trial wasn’t adequate enough to convict him. Larry: ---- Kathy: No. I have a feeling deep down that he really is guilty.  

Robert: How are the negotiations progressing? Malcolm: On the whole, fairly well; various issues have been settled. Robert: ---- Malcolm: It’s too soon yet to be so hopeful.

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