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Peter: I hear Mr. Lewis is holding yet another meeting today. Tony: Yes. At 3 o’clock sharp. Peter: ---- Tony: You might be right. But perhaps he just wants to give us more detailed information about it.  

Robert: I have to get my car insurance renewed today. James: ---- Robert: In that case let's go and get them done together. James: Good idea. Let's meet after lunch.  

Mavis: I hear Steve is looking for another job. Roger: That's right. ---- Mavis: Don't we all feel like that? Roger: Yes, I suppose we do.

Liz: I missed the Economics class on Monday. Were you there? Mary: Yes I was. Actually, I looked for you. Liz: ---- Mary: Yes. Shall I lend them to you?

Christine: I hear you're going to give a paper at the conference next month. John: Yes, I am; but I haven’t finished it yet. Christine: ---- John: W ell, yes, it is in a sense; but there are still some figures that need checking.  

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