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Mrs. Marlowe: Did you get a chance to see that house out atRichmond? Mr. Marlowe: Yes. It’s light and spacious. Just what we are looking for. But it’s in really bad condition. Mrs. Marlowe: ---- Mr. Marlowe: Yes. But the cost would be too expensive.

Andy: W hat’s your programme for the weekend? Barbara: ---- Andy: Really? But you never go to the cinema! Barbara: I know. But this film seems to be one that everyone must see.  

Son: Sales are at an all-time-high at present, so surely we can relax a little now. Father: ---- Son: W hich means that whether sales are good or bad we just keep on working. Father: Right. That’s exactly what I mean.  

Dr. Ward: How's that patient of yours doing? Is there any change in his condition yet? Dr. Simpson: ---- Dr. Ward: So you're starting to be hopeful? Dr. Simpson: I wish I could be. But it's too early yet.  

Andrew: Apparently, the department can take out subscriptions for three more journals.         ---- ? Malcolm: Don't ask me, ask Tony. He's the authority you know. Andrew: I know he is; but his taste is rather too erudite for most of us.  

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