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Paul: I see you’re reading Trevor’s latest novel. W hat is it like? Matthew: It is not one of his best. Paul: ---- Matthew: And deservedly so.

Telephone receptionist: Bengo Kitchen Equipment. Can I help you? Customer: Yes, there’s something wrong with the fridge I bought from you last year. Telephone receptionist: ---- Customer: Thank you very much.

Secretary: Oh! I’m sorry I didn’t realise there was a meeting going on here. Mr Howard: W ell, actually, it’s more or less over. W hat did you want? Secretary: ---- Mr Howrad: That’s all right; you can do it right away.

James: Let’s eat out tonight. W here would you like to go? Helen: ---- James: Good idea ! Which one? Helen: The Japanese one.

Alison: W hat’s the matter? You’re looking annoyed? Mavis: I’m feeling annoyed. Alison: ---- Mavis: Well, who do you think? There’s only one person who can get me this angry!

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