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The Vikings first came to the shores of Britain to rob coastal villages, but later a fair amount of ---- took place between them and the Angles and Saxons.  

Rather than cure the disease after it has spread, ---- measures, like vaccination, are the best way to insure that epidemics do not occur.  

The River Severn is England's largest and longest river, but compared to rivers in South America, it is ---- small.

The art of Cameo engraving first ---- in Ancient Greece, from which it spread to other cultures.  

The Halfway House is a residence for people who have been---- of prisons, mental hospitals and drug rehabilitation centres, but who are not ready to fully integrate with society.

Janet Malcolm, who is an admired photographer and ---- pictures since the early 1960s, generally ---- her summers photographing people and places in Africa.

It ---- that Brazil’s new surveillance system ---- a useful tool in the protection of the rain forests.

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