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A Labrador retriever is a muscular breed of sporting dog known ---- its dependability ---- a guide dog for the blind.  

It is estimated that sulphur pollution costs China nearly 45 billion dollars each year ---- lost productivity, health care and damage ---- forests and crops.

Moreover, ---- its own statutes, the EU itself is obliged to consult the trade unions ---- a number of topics.  

Being a scientist does not prevent one from participating in other fields of human endeavour, ---- being an artist does not prevent one frompractising science.  

Elastin and collagen are proteins ---- form the spongy material that lies under our skin and gives it bounce and flexibility.

People should and do choose their elected representatives partly ---- how well they believe these representatives, once in office, can persuade them to do or support whatever needs to be done.

A study found that governments now collect an average of five hundred times ---- money in tobacco taxes each year ---- they spend on control efforts.  

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