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---- the morning rush hour on March 25, 1995, twelve people were killed and more than 5.500 injured after the deadly nerve gas sarin was released ---- the Tokyo subway system.

Economists take pride ---- the sophisticated statistical techniques ---- which they rely to analyze phenomena such as growth rates, inflation, unemployment, trade and fiscal practices.  

There is nothing remarkable ---- the subject matter of his novels, but he will always be remembered ---- his delightfully vivid settings.

---- the contributive remarks, earlier talks with his Chinese counterpart, Wen Jiabao, and President Hu Jintao did not resolve a dispute over maritime gas fields.

The only non-violent sport ---- by the King of England was golf in the 1400s, when the King thought his soldiers weren't doing enough archery practice.  

She can have the job ---- she is willing to work on Saturdays.

Women are ---- likely ---- men to discuss mental health problems with their general practice physician.  

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