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We'd never expected you to be able to persuade such an obstinate person as him.

The jury was eventually convinced that the accused had nothing to do with the robbery

It's only natural that there exists a generation gap between parents and their children, considering our rapidly changing world.  

In agriculture and industry, the progress of a country depends on the skilful hands of its workers  

The provision of safe-drinking-water should be one of the primary duties of municipalities.

Regular class attendance and steady year- long study are very important factors contributing to success in final exams.  

Usually women drivers prefer small cars because they are easy to park.

On the one hand, technology makes life easier for man, but on the other hand, it endangers his existence.  

Talking to people with different opinions from yours enables you to see things from other perspectives as well.  

They hope to have doubled or even tripled the firm's volume of business by the end of the year.

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