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Grape juice quenches thirst promptly, even when taken in small amounts.

For ages honey made by the bees from flower nectars was the only sweet food available to man.

One's physical and mental health is directly connected with one's living conditions.  

A large computing machine in constant use requires a few hours servicing every day.

Naturally, we have to plan for the future, but too much looking ahead, entails fear and apprehension.

All the flights from abroad were diverted to a nearby airport due to the dense fog.

His making a speech just before the vote proved to be very effective  

Almost all of the commonly misspelled words in English are simple, everyday terms.

Novelists and poets are full of nostalgia for the past and expectation for the future.

When the firm was bought up by one of the multinational companies, half the employees were laid off.  

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