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You are just stepping out of a shop. A young boy on roller-skates comes skating down the pavement very fast and collides with you, knocking you over. Although you're not hurt, you're annoyed, and you say:  

You are working for an exam the following day. Your sister comes into the room where you are working and starts talking to you about a problem she has. You listen, sympathetically, but you are aware you still have a lot of work to do, so eventually you say kindly:

You have a set of cups which you love. Unfortunately, several of them have been broken over the years. You want to replace the broken cups, so you go to a shop with one of the cups and say to the assistant:    

You're painting your apartment this weekend. On Saturday evening, you realise that two days may not be enough, but you can't take any time off work. On Sunday, you're feeling desperate, until a friend shows up and offers to help you. (Together you finish the work in time. As you relax after a hard day's work, you express your gratitude to your friend, saying:

You're in a clothing boutique when you hear a song you really like being played. You don't know who it's being sung by on impulse, you decide to find out, so you approach the shop assistant and say:  

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