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The noise coming from the discos close to the hotel until early morning completely ruined our otherwise perfect holiday.  The only disadvantage of the hotel was that there were lots of noisy discos near it; otherwise, it was an ideal place for a holiday.Our holiday would have been perfect if the noise from the discos near the hotel, which continued all night, hadn't turned it into a disaster.We might have got bored at the hotel all night if there hadn't been [...]

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vehement (adj): gayretli, şevkli, hararetli ardent fervent eager forceful earnest passionate emphatic   victory (n): zafer, başarı, fetih achievement success conquest supremacy mastery triumph violation (n): tecavüz, ihlal breach sacrilege encroachment transgression infraction  infringement void (adj): boş, ıssız, hükümsüz, geçersiz abolish repeal negate revoke voluntary (adj): gönüllü olarak, isteyerek automatic intentional discretional unconstrained instinctive willing

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